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I am Lee, and I have enjoyed studying, teaching, and offering astrology readings for over
28 years.

My readings are a blend of  intuition focused on your questions or areas of concern
balanced with a seasoned foundation in  astrology.  This approach facilitates exploring the
depths of our truest Selves for making informed decisions while navigating the uncharted
waters of our lives.  Our life cycles bring a myriad of sunrises and sunsets beyond our daily
experiences.  Astrology can help us prepare for and recognize when to let go and  progress
towards new lessons, satisfaction, and fulfillment in the gift of life.

I provide a full range of astrological services including natal chart interpretations,
relationship compatibility through synastry & composite charts, and personal life timing
through transits, progressions, and solar returns.  I also offer relocation astrology for
changes in residence or travel. My own chart is endowed with the elements of fire and
water, so intuition is present in each reading. If you have life questions that you would like
to clarify and resolve, then a session with me should assist you on your path.

To better serve you, please feel welcome to email your birth date, birth location, and time
of birth (if available, otherwise a noon chart can be used) in advance of your reading, so I
can prepare your charts before our appointment.

"Know Thyself"
-Inscription at Delphi
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                     October 2017       

October 5th: The 2017 Autumn Harvest Full Moon arrives in the sign of Libra
in a balancing act with the Sun in Aries at 12 deg 43 min of longitude.
The Full
Moon will be within 3 degrees of the midpoint of the equinox sign of Libra at 11:
40 am PDT.  

October 9th: Jupiter enters the sign of Scorpio at 6:20 am PDT after its one year
tour through the sign of Libra.  
Jupiter expands all that He touches in each of the
the 12 signs  of the zodiac.  Transiting Jupiter will devote his gravitas to the
sign of Scorpio from October 9th 2017 through early October 2018

October 14th: Lady Venus catches up in her native sign of Libra for the next 24
days through November 7th.
Venus is most at home in the signs of Libra &
Taurus bringing her beauty and sensuality to share with others.

October 17th: Mercury enters Scorpio 59 minutes after Midnight PDT. The
Messenger planet arrives with its own unique clandestine intuition and
otherworldly power that others might miss.

October19th: The New Moon in Libra peaks at 12:12 pm PDT.  The Sign of Libra
is all about relationships, so take a look at the harmony of Libra and the balance
of 12:12 in the New Moon of Libra…Equilibrium To All!

October 22nd: Mars arrives in Scorpio at 11:00 am PDT and the Sun arrives
In Scorpio at 10:27 pm PDT.
Be prepared for more secrets and clandestine
agendas as the Sun, Jupiter & Mercury align within 10 degrees to each other!

             Astrological information is based on  Pacific Daylight Time "PDT"      
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readings through October

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